3 Ways on How to Get an S in League of Legends Every Game

Getting an S in League of Legends after a game is one of the most satisfying and rewarding achievements in the game. When you get an S in League, not only does it give you more Blue Essence and EXP but it also gives more mastery points to your champion so you can earn that shining blue Level 7 badge. Not to mention League of Legends rewards you with a mystery Hextech chest for every fist S you get in a champion every season. So an S in League of Legends means more loot, more rewards, more skins, and more victories.

Every League player strives to get an S-tier performance on every ranked game. Have you ever had an epic game where you completely snowballed and dominated the entire match? Destroying enemies, doing perfect ganks, and controlling team fights. You feel like a god with your performance and after the game, you see that EMOTIONALLY DAMAGING A+ performance rating! Nothing can piss you off like not getting an S performance rating after completely carrying a game.

Where have you gone wrong? What could you have done to get the S you deserve? In this article, we’ll guide you on the steps you have to take and the criteria you need to meet in order to get that S in League of Legends. We’ll also show you the things you need to avoid if you want to have a better performance rating.

3 Things That Determines if You Get an S in League of Legends

Getting an S performance rating can be quite confusing. Some people say you need to have tons of CS, some say ward a lot, while some don’t even have the best KDA but still get an S. So what exactly do you need to do or achieve?

The determining factors of getting an S is actually revealed to us by the LOL client. They are vision score, income over time, and combat. Let’s break down all that one by one. 

Vision Score

Vision score is not just about spamming your wards as much as possible. It’s about providing more HIGH-quality vision for your team and denying the enemy vision. But in general, you need to have a higher vision score to get an S.

In order to do that you have to place more strategic wards. Put your wards in high traffic areas and objectives. At the same time, you have to take away your opponents’ vision by taking down their wards. 

If you’re a support or jungler, then most of the time you definitely should pick up a sweeping lens. Getting control wards when you have extra gold wouldn’t hurt also. Gaining and denying vision are both very important in achieving a high vision score and getting an S in League.

Income Over Time

This is probably the criteria where players got the concept of having a million CS in order to get an S. Yes CS definitely matters but it’s not the only thing. League of Legends doesn’t actually track your CS alone when rating your performance, it tracks a single value which is your gold or your income. 

Killing minions just happens to give you more gold so it definitely helps in getting an S. But it also includes killing champions, destroying turrets and plates, taking dragons and barons, and every other way you earn gold.

League of Legends measures how much gold you can earn and how fast you obtain it. This determines your income over time and is one of the most important factors that will decide whether you get an S performance rating or not.


Combat refers to your participation in fights and skirmishes and dealing damage to the enemy or the objectives. So yes, your KDA actually matters in getting an S in League of Legends. After all, LOL is a MOBA, a Massive Online BATTLE Arena, so you really need to “ battle”.  This means that you have to take part in team fights, duel your enemy in lane and kill him if possible. You also need to destroy towers and take objectives.

These all count as combat metrics and are as important as all the other factors in getting an S. If you die, that means you will have less time to fight and help your team, which results in a lower combat score. Not only that, but dying also means you won’t be able to farm and earn gold as much and you would be providing less vision for your team. 

So the most important tip here is to AVOID DYING. Every death you have will take you farther away from getting an S in League of Legends.


Those are 3 core factors if you want to get an S in League of Legends. In order to get an S every game, you must make sure that your vision score, income, and combat metrics are higher than all other players of your champion in your certain role. This is quite a hard feat to accomplish (unless you’re using safe and secure LOL scripts) but if you strive to do this every single game, you will surely be getting more S performance ratings and you will be a better League of Legends player overall, guaranteed.


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