Best Team Finder for LoL – Say Goodbye To Randoms

Over the years, League of Legends shifted from an individual-focused game to a team-oriented setting where teamwork and coherence are rewarded with success. Finding the right teammates is the key to victory, as synergy and team understanding are crucial ingredients that can determine the course of the game. 

Given how difficult it can be to find a player that suits your preferences and ideas, it takes the right tool to help you narrow down your search and match you with the perfect team.

#1 Duoo – Best team finder 

Overall grade – 9.6/10


Best team finder search algorithm

The team at Duoo managed to develop the most powerful team finder engine that ensures you’re matched with perfect teammates that fit your needs. 

By allowing users to thoroughly describe themselves and their playstyle, Duoo’s efficient search engine is able to seamlessly match players who have the potential to work well together and win games.

Team finder Discord bot

Apart from providing League’s player base with the most advanced team finder application, the team behind Duoo designed a perfect lightweight Discord bot to match you with new teams. 

Miko is the name of this useful tool that connects players from different Discord servers, creating new teams and friendships in the process. 

Honor Leaderboard

You’ll never be bored while using Duoo as the site boasts a custom Honor Leaderboard, awarding players for having positive reviews on Duoo’s page. The most honorable players are publicly displayed on the leaderboard which further encourages healthy competitiveness among the community members.

Large community with friendly players

Regardless of your rank and whether you’re a casual or tryhard type of player, the Duoo community will welcome you with open arms as it has forged a friendly community with no trolls and toxicity.


Weak language variety

It’s difficult to point out any massive disadvantages as the website is very well designed, however, some foreign users may struggle using the website as it’s only operating in English.

#2 Gankster

Overall grade – 7/10


Powerful search engine

Gankster’s search engine makes finding any type of team a piece of cake as you’re able to narrow down your searches to a great extent. 

The website is designed to help you find the teammates based on their rank, region, and playstyle which will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Team creation and scrim schedule

Apart from being an LFT platform, Gankster also serves as a place where you can create a new team yourself and start recruiting members. 

Once you’ve created a team, it’s easy to find other teams to play against as the website is equipped with a scrim app that also allows you to schedule matches with other teammates

Match calendar

There are teams on the website that are actively looking for teammates to play in custom and tournament matches all the time that are visible on the public match calendar. 


Occasionally idle

While the website has built a large community over the years, a lot of lobbies and matches aren’t active and players are slowly drifting away in favor of superior alternatives

Lackluster without Elite

When it comes to team creation and management, the website has a lot more options if you subscribe to the premium Elite version.

#3 RiftQ

Overall grade – 6.4/10


Very active

When it comes to any LFT website, activity is essential as you always want to be able to choose your team from a wide pool of players. That’s one of RiftQ’s main selling points as there are always new posts popping up from players wanting to join a team or teams recruiting new players.

Teamfinder for multiple game modes

If you’re someone who is looking to join a team that’s playing a specific game mode, RiftQ makes your life a lot easier as you’re able to filter teams by the game mode they’re playing. These filters include Clash as an option which is convenient for players who struggle to find a Clash team to play with.

Rank variety

Regardless of your rank and League of Legends skill, you will find a suitable duo partner as there are players from every division on the website.


Weak region support

RiftQ’s main flaw stems from the fact that there are only 3 regions that this team finder supports, which are EUNE, NA, and BR. This means that the vast majority of regions are unsupported, even the bigger ones such as EUW and KR.


While not every player on RiftQ is necessarily salty, there have been multiple cases of players who are somewhat toxic to the teammates they meet on the website.

#4 Teamfind

Overall grade – 6/10


Search algorithm and contact options

Paired up with Teamfind’s large community, the powerful search engine that the website boasts makes finding new players a task you can do in a matter of seconds. 

You’re able to filter the players based on a plethora of different criteria and once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can contact the directly through the message system or call them for free


If you’re someone who wants to be coached or you’re part of a team that’s after professional coaching, the website’s search engine makes it so you can easily connect with high elo coaches. 

Variety of players

No matter if you’re Diamond or Iron, you’ll be able to find the right type of player on this LFT app as there is a lot of representation of players from every elo bracket on the ladder.


Lackluster design

Even though the search engine is built to provide you with a lot of relevant search results, the website’s poor design makes it difficult to properly use the website’s features.

Software errors

The website’s bugs undermine the potential of Teamfind as the website suffers from occasional crashes, slow loadings, and errors.

#5 Egl

Overall grade – 5.5/10


Detailed player profile

When creating your Egl profile, you are able to express your strengths and weaknesses as a player as well as your personal details in great detail. This allows you to connect with new potential teams much easier as the teams are better aware of your qualities.

Playstyle and game mode selection

Apart from creating a detailed profile, you can describe your playstyle preference and the game mode you play making the search for teammates even easier.


Insufficient rank variety

If you’re someone who’s LFT that are in a specific rank you had in mind, you will have a tough time as there’s not a lot of rank variety on the website.

Lack of search results

You will struggle to find teams in certain regions and elos as the website got slowly abandoned over time and only the core player base stuck around.

#6 Teamup.Pro

Overall grade – 5/10


Ability to scrim

If you’re someone who is part of a serious Esports team and you want to play against the best teams, you can find some serious opposition at Teamup. There are plenty of smaller Esports organizations that host matches here which should ensure that there is always someone you can train against.

Esports oriented 

The website’s main focus is to provide a platform for aspiring Esports players to join teams as well as teams recruiting players with an entire section of the website devoted to an Esports marketplace.


Useless for casuals

For players that are only looking for teams that play Leaguecasually, this website doesn’t offer much. With a strong focus on Esports and an overall small presence of casual players, Teamup is a place to avoid if you’re not trying to play professionally.

Weak search platform

Given that the platform is mainly catered towards players who are trying to go for pro, the search platform does very little to help you find the specific type of team/player you’re looking for.

#7 Reddit – r/TeamRedditTeams

Overall grade – 4/10


Review system

When it comes to reviews, both negative and positive ones, the Reddit community is very active and you’re able to determine someone’s legitimacy before playing. 

Esports potential

A surprising number of up-and-coming pro teams advertise their services and look for new players on Reddit. If you’re someone who is trying to start playing competitively, you can find a decent number of teams recruiting new members



Lack of filters

Finding a perfect team is a difficult task and filters such as players’ ranks, region, and language spoken go a long way when it comes to narrowing down the search. 

Sadly, Reddit does nothing in this department as you cannot include any team finder filters in your search which means you have to read through every individual post to find out basic information about a player/team.


Much like any social media platform out there, Reddit is occasionally plagued with trolls and this subreddit is no different. Even though there are a lot of legitimate players on r/TeamRedditTeams, you’ll run into someone who’s a griefer or a troll sooner or later.


This subreddit became slowly inactive over time as it got replaced with more modern and efficient alternatives.


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