How to Find Teammates to Play LoL With: Top Strategies and Tips

In League of Legends, having the right teammates can make a significant difference. Whether you’re aiming to climb the ranked ladder solo or seeking a better team to enhance your strategic gaming experience, the people you play with are crucial. So, how do you find these ideal teammates? This article will guide you step by step through various methods, from using dedicated platforms to leveraging social media, joining gaming communities, participating in events, and more. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive strategy to connect with players who match your playstyle and objectives.

Use Dedicated Platforms

You can use in-group platforms oriented to that, based around League of Legends, to finally find a decent team. Finally, advanced matchmaking algorithms accompany player reviews and your in-game community to get that perfect duo.

GameTree – #1 League of Legends LFG App

It is straightforward to find League of Legends players who enjoy this cooperative game on GameTree. Through the app, it matches teammates who are chosen to meet your skill level, roles, and play style. By using page, you can ensure that you find compatible players who enhance your gaming experience.GameTree can get you matched to show your Top Lane, Mid Lane, or Support skills to crush your enemies.

Explore Social Media and Forums

There are many communities of LOL players available on social media platforms and forums. Large communities of League of Legends players are hosted on social media, from which it is a really lovely space to find mates that are nice for people to find and follow around games.


Reddit is amazing for this. For example, a subreddit exists—r/LoLTeams—to find other people to play with for ranked, normals, and ARAM. To take full advantage of Reddit:

  • Create Detailed Post: Elaborate on your skill level, preferred positions, and what you are looking for in your teammates.
  • Be Part of the Community: Respond to other people’s posts, advise them, and respond when interested in letting others know.
  • Flairs and Tags: Use flairs, indicating your region, server role, and rank.


The hashtag system is perfect and will quickly hook you up with the rest of the league players on Twitter—some prominent hashtags: #lft (looking for a team), #duo, and #lookingforteam—all will help you find a few potential teammates. Here is how you can make the best use of your Twitter:

  • Search: Recent posts that contain the above hashtags.
  • Tweet Yours: Include your playstyle, rank, and what you’re looking for in a teammate.
  • Interact with Others: Like, retweet, and reply to posts by other members looking for partners.

Join Gaming Communities

Joining others in these League of Legends-related servers on Discord and others within the online gaming communities with the same interest will create an avenue for exposure toward better and more engaging environments, towards betterment in such skills in the bid to seek potential teammates. These applications make it possible to communicate in real time and offer companionship within the formed cluster.

Discord Servers

For gamers, Discord is irreplaceable, as it is an application that compiles many servers mainly dedicated to League of Legends. An example would be the League of Legends EUW community specifically focused on real-time communication and arranged events. Here are some of the good things that come out of it:

  • Voice Channels: Communicate with other potential team members.
  • Team Events: Attend all community games, tournaments, and scrims at the agreed time.
  • Networking: Interact and connect with various players.

Gaming Websites

This offers a matchmaking service as part of many community features on sites like E-Pal and TeamTavern. It essentially means that someone can just create a profile, list preferences, and find someone specific who is fitted or compatible with them. Some of the typical features of this kind of software include:

  • Detailed Profiles: Rankings, roles, and playstyles.
  • Review: Find out what fellow gamers say and get yourself some good, reliable teammates.
  • Matchmaking: Matching players with other players based on common interests and goals.

Attend Tournaments and Events

Tournaments and gaming events are the best places to meet fellow gamers and connect to the vast LoL community to create lasting relationships.

Online Tournaments

It’s also an excellent way to network or look for potential teammates by attending or viewing online tournaments. The most popularly visited online tournament websites include:

  • Battlefy: Hosts bracket-style tournaments in many different categories, catering to all levels of gamers.
  • Faceit: This is famous for professional gaming championships and scheduled match-ups.

Local Events

Other local events and conventions are also great because one gets to meet other live players. Most of the time, such events are:

  • Engage with Local Game Groups: Join local gaming groups and their meetups, which usually focus on players with similar game interests.
  • Hang Out at Conventions: Participate in panels, workshops, and gaming sessions at conventions like PAX and local esports events.

Tips for Finding the Right Teammates

Finding a good teammate has to do with not just matching skills but communicating and committing to improvement together. Here are a few tips that will help you get to know and keep up productive relationships with your teammates.

Communication and Compatibility

Clear communication and compatible playstyles are crucial for a successful gaming partnership. Here are some tips to gauge compatibility:

  • Initial games: Play a few casual games together to assess communication and synergy.
  • Discuss strategies: Talk about your preferred strategies and champion picks.
  • Feedback: Provide and receive feedback to improve coordination.

Consistency and Commitment

Finding teammates who are consistent and committed to improving together can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Tips for setting expectations include:

  • Scheduling: Agree on a regular schedule for playing together.
  • Goal setting: Set common goals, such as climbing the ranked ladder or improving specific skills.
  • Accountability: Hold each other accountable for attendance and performance.


Level up your LOL experience with suitable playmates. Be sure you’ll never miss a chance to match with some complementary players who follow your playstyle by using this area. Whether you find them on dedicated platforms, by checking social media, by becoming an integral part of the gamer community at physical events, or even by following advice, get good proactive teammates today and enjoy a less stressful journey inside League of Legends.


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