4 Common Mistakes Low-Elo Players Make

We’ve all been a total noob in League of Legends. There was a ton of things we personally did and have seen people do that may seem logical at first, but are complete mistakes.  This is why we are here to provide the 4 common mistakes low-elo players make. The mistakes that players do in low-elo can often be attributed to them not knowing the game. They might not know the map well enough, they might not know how to play certain champions and they may not have the mechanics down yet. Here are common mistakes which if omitted can increase your performance dramatically.

1. Too many mains

Many players make the mistake of playing too many champions at a time. When you’re new to a game, it’s hard to tell what champions you like and what champions you don’t. So you end up maining a new champion every week. This results in not knowing how to play a single champion in-depth because you keep jumping around.

To learn faster and perform better as quickly as possible, stick to a few champions. This will solidify your fundamentals and give you an edge over the low-elo players in your bracket. You will stop making the simple mistakes on your champions which will increase your rank and allow you to learn of other mistakes which are holding you back…

2. Not enough vision

League of Legends is game mostly based on the team that makes the best decision. The more ahead a team is the more control they have on the map. This leads to better decision-making and a more calculated win.

If you have a lack of vision on the other hand then you’ll have to base decisions on the little bit of information you can gather or just pure luck. Many low-elo players don’t even realize this problem and waltz around the map with zero information, getting picked off and losing in the process.

As you can already tell vision is essential for map control, not only for the late game but also for lane. Place your totem down and don’t let them go to waste. Once you have 2 charges it won’t reset for another one, so make sure to always place 1 down so you gain vision and you don’t waste what the game gives you for free.

3. Poor Communication with Teammates

Communication is essential for any team game, and it’s necessary to work as a team to destroy the nexus. Some games are out of your control but you can win most games in low-elo because of the plethora of mistakes the enemies make from the beginning to the end of the game.

Ping when your laners are missing, ping when there’s a ward placed in a bush, ping to take objectives – once everyone is on the same page and pings all they can, it lets the other players know of the best actions to take with that information in mind. You don’t want anyone to get thrown off their track due to the lack of communication. It also ensures people don’t waste their time and use it to do something more productive.

Some people may not listen and that’s a given, but make it a habit for you to provide the team with the most amount of information you can give them. This will increase with the more information that is present on the map with good warding and vision granted from yourself and the team. Optimize your own gameplay and it’ll drastically increase the chances of victory for your team.

4. Focusing Too Much on Passive Laning Rather than Aggressive Laning

The term “passive laning” refers to a style of play in the game where the player stays near their own tower and does not push out to attack the other player. Passive laning is often considered worse than aggressive laning because it relies too much on your team to carry, rather than actively trying to win.

Players in the lower elos have the misconception that not making a mistake means winning. But this is a flawed way of thinking and we understand why you may think that, but we’re here to debunk that myth so you can start improving today.

If you passive lane that would inevitably mean that you are missing out on opportunities to take advantage of the enemy just so you stay safe. And if you aren’t playing a scaling champion you are dooming yourself. This type of playstyle leads to a much more coinflip style which results in you having the lowest impact in the game. Aggressive lane more often and try to take advantage of the enemy when you can. Be tactical about your aggression so you can start having more impact, more fun, and improve faster while you’re at it.


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