SpaceGlider - Tutorial

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1. Install the required runtimes

1.1 Download and install Java 8  here Java version 8 must be used, higher and lower versions do not work! 1.2 Download and install Visual C++ 64Bit and / or 32Bit If the installation was successful, restart your computer.

Tips and tricks:
If the SpaceGlider does not start check the Java version first. You can do this from the command line.
Type in the command line: java -version.  You should see a version that looks something like this: 1.8.0_XXX-XXX.
If nothing appears, or a wrong version, download Java8 again and install it. Or take a look at this.

So if you get an error because of VC++, try to install both versions 32Bit and 64 Bit. This has often helped other users.

2. Download and extract the SpaceGlider

Download the SpaceGlider here
Copy the zip archive to your desktop (Desktop! Not somewhere else!).
Then right click on the file and select “extract here” or “Extract all”.

A folder will be created on the desktop with the name SpaceGlider.

4. Launch the Spaceglider

Start the SpaceGlider as Admin.
You can do this via the batch file: “Start as admin.”
If you don’t start as admin it is possible that the kiting in-game doesn’t work.


The license window should not be shown! Since 22.06.2020 the tool is free to use.
So we removed the license window. If a license window shows up, you´ve the wrong version downloaded!

The SpaceGlider is displayed.

5. Launch a practice game in League of Legends

It is recommended that you test everything in the League of Legends practice tool, where you can give yourself gold and save yourself a lot of time.

Start the game like the screenshot. Choose a champion (Ashe, Kog’maw, Twitch, Tristana). It’s best to take Lethal Tempo with you, so that you can test the behaviour in the high attack speed range.

Tips and tricks:

Our recommendation is to choose Twitch with Lethal Tempo.
Ingame then buy 5 Nashors Tooth and 1x shoes.
If you use the Q from twitch you will get additional attack speed.
So you get your attack speed to over 4.X.

This is really fun 🙂

6. Configure the league of legends script

We recommend setting the League of legends client to English. Other languages will work, but we have not tested every single language.

We read out the attack speed pixels. For some languages the font is a bit different. It can therefore happen that characters are not or incorrectly recognized.

6.2. In the League of Legends Video settings, you must set the window mode to Borderless.

Full screen mode will not work, because it will not be possible to take a screenshot of your screen. This means that the attack speed cannot be known.

If you choose windowed mode, our auto-detection formula will not work. Also, you often have more FPS in borderless mode, so it is recommended to choose borderless mode anyway.

You must have activated the borderless mode for this function.

Set the HUD scaling in League of Legends to the same level as in our League of Legends script. 

We recommend the value 50.

Once you have done this, press the Auto Detect button.

It should then automatically detect the attack speed position. 

Check this at “Actual Screenshot”, only the number should be visible, no icon or similar.


We’ve named the label of each hotkey exactly as in the League of Legends settings. If you are using the English League of Legends Client, it is relatively easy for you. The default settings in SpaceGlider are a recommendation, try them first.


The hotkeys must match, if not, the kiting will not work. In League of Legends, try pressing the hotkeys that are set, if they match, then the Spaceglider will work!


“Player Attack Move Click” is responsible for the attack.

“Show Advanced Player Stats” is responsible for the range indicator.


We recommend to activate the setting “Attack move on cursor”, this allows to target champions with some skill. League of Legends does not allow target only Heroes with the Aggresive attack move click. Unfortunately we cannot change this as we are a completely external lol script provider.

7. Test the SpaceGlider

Choose your HeroFile for your champion.

If you have a wrong HeroFile inside, it will cause problems. Auto attacks will be aborted or you will waste too much time. Always make sure that you have chosen the right one.

We do not save this setting in the Configs!


Additionally activate the Rangeindicator as shown in the screenshot below. Holds down the “Show Advanced Player Stats”.

If the Number on your Dashboard isn’t the same as displayed on your HUD it might be because you’re using a Language that isn’t supported by Spaceglider.

Now increase your gold in League of Legends and buy 5 Nashors Tooth and shoes. Raise your level to 18. 

This should definitely get you up to 2.5 attack speed.

Now only one opponent is missing, so place an enemy training dummy and start the Spaceglider!

Now all you have to do is press the spacebar and you kite like a god!


Don’t forget to save your settings, otherwise this was all for nothing! The next time you start the program you only have to select the Herofile.