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PhantomScript is the most secure League of Legends Script on the market. Check out our Features and become a Challanger today!

What Is PhantomScript?

The best League of Legends Script 2023

PhantomScript is an internal League of Legends Script that is guaranteed to help you climb the ladder! Important features such as Evade, Prediction, Orbwalker, Target-Selector & Champion Combos will give you a unique gaming experience. we are undetected for over 3 years thanks to our advanced bypass technology.

Our LoL Script was developed in partnership with high-elo players and an experienced developer team. We could even convince players who play on the rank Challanger to use our software. Regardless of your rank, you will bring your ingame mechanics to a maximum!

You’re upset because you keep losing? With PhantomScript you can change that right now! What are you waiting for? Get an License now & take your LoL MMR and gaming experience to the next level! Show your friends who’s the best!

PhantomScript Pricing

The licenses are prepaid, no automatic subscriptions or anything like that!

1 Day License


30 Day License



league of legends script Features

PhantomScript does everything for you!


The Evade function automatically dodges all the opponent's abilities without having to click.


Thanks to the motion detection of the players, it's really easy to hit skills or skillshots. You will completely exploit your damage potential.


Our Orbwalker makes you look like a professional player. Kiting, as well as Last hits will be perfectly executed for you at all times.

Target Selector

Ability to configure in detail the priority of selecting targets for the script, in which your attacks and skills will be directed.


Uses abilities and attacks automatically and gets the maximum damage out for you! The program is preconfigured for each champion and can be customized.

Drawing 4k

All useful information is displayed visually without FPS loss. At any time you know the enemy attack radius, ability radius or movements on the minimap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly these questions are asked again and again

Similar to other cheat software like Aimbot or Wallhack, this is called scripting in League of Legends. Our Script dodges abilities, helps you aim or even predicts enemies' movements. Phantom Script will give you a huge advantage over other players.

Orbwalking is a form of kiting that utilizes animation canceling for optimal damage and movement. It originally got its name from Warcraft 3 DotA but is now an integral part of League of Legends as well. Orbwalking is an advanced technique that many professional and high elo players use. It takes a considerable amount of practice and training to learn.

With our League of Legends script you will be kiting like a pro from now on! All you have to do is hold down a key on your keyboard and you'll be orbwalking around without making any mistakes. This usually takes years of practice!

There are 2 ways you can get your license:

  1. You will receive an email within a few minutes
  2. Navigate to "My Account" -> "My Orders" in our shop

This means that our payment provider wants to verify the payment. This usually takes about 3 days.

However, we can release the license manually. Just contact us in Discord, then you will get your software immediately.

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