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What is DevilSmurf?

The best place to buy League of Legends’ Smurf Accounts

Looking for a new League of Legends account without the hassle of leveling? DevilSmurf offers brand new LoL smurf accounts with 0% banrates guaranteed. What does a 0% banrate mean? It means that none of our League of Legend accounts have ever been banned!

DevilSmurf also ensures that you won’t have to worry about a low priority queue (LPQ) or Dodge Timer. If you do happen to run into an LPQ or dodge timer, we will give you an additional smurf account for free!

All of our League of Legends smurf accounts are aged to provide the highest possible experience. That means any account you purchase is at least 3 months old. This helps to avoid any potential issues that might come from account trading.

DevilSmurf provides League of Legend smurf accounts for all regions including Europe, North America, Asia, and more! You can expect the same price tag across the board, regardless of where you are buying your account.

So buy an LoL smurf account today and get straight into the action with our guaranteed smurf accounts.

Why Buy League Of Legends Accounts From Us?

Quality over quantity – No more worrying about bans

Aged LoL Accounts (12 Weeks+)

We guarantee all of our smurf accounts are at least 3 months old. This ensures your account won’t be flagged for account trading. It also helps to avoid any potential personal data issues as Riot must delete information after a set amount of time.

30-day Ban Warranty

We provide all buyers with a 30-day warranty, so if you’re banned you will receive a brand new smurf account. We are confident you won’t be banned, and we back that up with our warranty.

No Dodge Timer Or LPQ

Our smurf accounts are all within good standings. The accounts are hardly ever flagged as AFK, and even when they are, we continue to play until the LPQ or dodge timer is removed.

Catchy Summoner-Names

Even though many summoner names are already taken, we know how important choosing a name is. That’s why we strive to always choose the most creative names, and we guarantee that none of our accounts have numbers in their name!

Unranked & Unverified

All of our LoL smurf accounts are unverified and unranked. This makes it easy for you to go in and take ownership without any issues. When you receive your account, simply verify it, change the password, and start playing!

Humanized A.I. & Clean Matchhistory

Worried about your win rate and match history? No need for that! Thanks to our humanized League of Legends A.I., we have a win rate of 99%. This ensures your match history will provide top-tier stats to start out with.

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How to buy a league of legends account

Become the next legend in just 3 easy steps

Select Your Region

The first step to purchasing your LoL smurf account is choosing your region. There are no price differences between regions, so this choice won’t have any impact on that!

Select Your Account

The second step is to choose an account. The main difference between accounts is the number of Blue Essences (BE). The more BE available, the more champions you can buy.

Select Your Payment Method

Depending on your region, some local payment methods may be accepted. Alternatively, we accept credit cards, Google Pay, Giropay and can accept Bitcoin, as well. If you are interested in paying via Bitcoin, bank transfer, or Paysafecard, please contact us via Whatsapp

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy A LoL Smurf Account

Still on the fence about buying a fresh LoL account? Here are 6 reasons why you should click that purchase button!

01/ Stress-Free Games

No more stressing about whether or not you win a game. Since you don’t lose any MMR on your main account, you can play as bad or good as you want on your Smurf account!

02/ Practice Champions

Practice makes perfect, right? So why not use your Smurf account to practice champions? If you did that on your main, you could ruin your ranking. But on your Smurf account you’re free to do whatever you want!

03/ Play with Friends

Let’s be real - yes, playing alone can be fun, but what makes it infinitely more fun is playing with friends! Purchasing a smurf account is a great way to play with low ELO friends without damaging your own MMR.

04/ Boss Mode

Using a smurf account provides you with a brand new MMR. That means you can jump into games and dominate with ease. Snowballing every game can be incredibly fun and entertaining.

05/ Save your time

Who doesn’t like saving time? Buying a LoL Smurf account will save you at least a week of your precious time. Avoid playing repetitive and boring normal games against low levels. Jump straight into the action and play ranked!

06/ Test Your Elo

If you're stuck in ranked and not making any progress, a smurf account is a great solution. Start fresh and build your MMR up, potentially even skipping your old rank if you play your promotional matches well.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you may have some questions, so here are our most frequently asked questions!

Smurfing comes with a long history. Initially used in Warcraft II when two popular players made new accounts and crushed weaker competition, smurfing became a popular name due to the names of those two players - PapaSmurf and Smurfette.


The term “smurfing” means purposely playing against weaker competition. For example, in League of Legends, someone who is Diamond might want to rank up another account to a similar rank. When they join a Silver or a Gold game, they will be much better than anyone else. Riot Games tries to limit this as much as possible, but they can only do so much.

Who doesn’t love being a winner? Smurfing essentially guarantees you win. Because you are playing against weaker players, you are rarely going to lose. On top of that, you can play random champions with random builds and still outperform your opposition. There’s also no stress involved about losing your LP or even being demoted. You can simply enjoy the game.


A smurf account also allows you to play with lower-ranked friends without losing any MMR. You’re going to make their games much easier, and also much more fun.

Most players have at least one smurf account outside of their main account. With the smurf accounts, they’re able to practice new champions, new roles, and simply warm up before using their main account. It’s so common, that even professional players do this.


Starting a smurf account is simple, just create a new League of Legends account and begin to level it up. If you’re short on time or don’t want to spend time leveling, consider buying a smurf account so you can get straight into the action!

It completely depends on who you’re purchasing your LoL Smurf account from. When you purchase from us, you won’t ever have to worry about getting banned. However, it’s not uncommon for those who purchase a Smurf account from other merchants to not be so lucky. Choosing quantity over quality comes at a price, which is why we never sacrifice quality - EVER!

Yes, we recommend you do that immediately upon purchase. You will receive the login data directly after payment. After that, you should log in to the official League of Legends site and make sure to change both passwords and email to your own.

We will immediately send you the login information for your newly purchased smurf account. If you can’t seem to find it, we’ve had people tell us that it sometimes lands in the junk or spam folder.

We are proud to say that we have a 0% ban rate, and that’s due to a lot of precautions we take. We only sell aged accounts, which is why we have been so successful.

Absolutely! If for whatever reason, your account DOES get banned for botting, we’ll replace the smurf account for you right away free of charge.

You need 20 champions to play ranked games. Each of our LoL accounts has enough Blue Essences to purchase the necessary number of champions. Depending on the package, you may need to buy some cheap champions for 450 BE. The more you spend on your new Smurf account, the more expensive champions you can afford.

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