Who Tops the LoL Tier List? | Best Champions Ranked for 2024

Best LoL Champions Tier List

Understanding the top champions in League of Legends is key to dominating the competition. This article explores the best picks for each lane in the 2024 season, highlighting top laners like Aatrox and Camille, powerful junglers such as Skarner and Nidalee, and more. Discover detailed analyses, current meta trends, and practical tips to enhance your gameplay. With expert insights and comprehensive tier breakdowns, you’ll be equipped to make strategic champion selections and achieve victory in every match. Dive in to learn about the best champions and stay ahead of the curve!

Who Tops the LoL Tier List for 2024?

In the ever-evolving landscape of League of Legends (LoL), understanding the tier list is crucial for players aiming to gain a competitive edge. The LoL tier list categorizes champions based on their performance, strengths, and impact in the current meta, helping players make informed decisions when selecting champions for their matches. Factors such as win rates, pick rates, and professional play influence the rankings, making the tier list a dynamic and essential tool for both casual and competitive players.

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Top Lane Tier List

The top lane is home to some of the most versatile and impactful champions in LoL. These champions often play a crucial role in team fights and split-pushing strategies. Here is a detailed breakdown of the top-performing champions in the top lane for 2024:

S-Tier Top Laners


Aatrox continues to dominate the top lane with his exceptional sustain, crowd control, and team fight potential. His ability to heal massively in fights makes him a formidable opponent.


Camille excels in both dueling and team fights, thanks to her mobility and true damage. Her ultimate ability, Hextech Ultimatum, can isolate and eliminate key targets.


Fiora remains a top-tier pick due to her unparalleled dueling capabilities and true damage. Her ability to outplay opponents with Riposte and sustain with her passive makes her a constant threat.

A-Tier Top Laners


Darius is known for his strong laning phase and ability to snowball with his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine. His kit allows him to dominate 1v1 scenarios and team fights alike.


Jayce offers a versatile playstyle with his ability to switch between melee and ranged forms. His poke damage and burst potential make him a valuable pick in both laning and team fights.


K’Sante is a new addition with a unique kit that offers strong engage and disengage options. His adaptability in different situations makes him a strong contender in the top lane.

Jungle Tier List

Jungle champions play a pivotal role in controlling the flow of the game through ganks, objective control, and vision. The best jungle champions for 2024 are analyzed below:

S-Tier Junglers


Skarner’s engage and crowd control make him a top-tier pick. His ability to secure objectives and pick off key targets with his Impale ultimate is invaluable.


Nidalee excels in high-mobility and high-damage jungling. Her ability to heal allies and execute targets with her spear makes her a versatile and deadly jungler.


Kindred brings unique strengths with her ranged attacks and mobility. Her ultimate, Lamb’s Respite, provides crucial survivability in team fights.

A-Tier Junglers

Lee Sin

Lee Sin remains a popular pick due to his high skill ceiling and playmaking potential. His early game pressure and mobility are unmatched.


Kha’Zix thrives in isolated skirmishes, utilizing his stealth and burst damage to take down targets quickly. His evolution system allows for flexible playstyles.


Hecarim’s speed and engage potential make him a powerful jungler. His ultimate, Onslaught of Shadows, can disrupt entire teams and turn the tide of battle.

Mid Lane Tier List

The mid lane is a critical role, often serving as the main source of damage and crowd control for a team. Here are the top mid lane champions for 2024:

S-Tier Mid Laners


Lux offers exceptional poke, crowd control, and burst damage. Her ultimate, Final Spark, can secure kills from a distance and influence fights.


Sylas’s ability to steal enemy ultimates gives him incredible versatility. His sustain and burst damage make him a strong pick in various matchups.


Akshan’s mobility and revive mechanic make him a unique and impactful mid laner. His ability to clean up fights and provide vision control is invaluable.

A-Tier Mid Laners


Ahri’s charm and mobility allow her to pick off targets and escape dangerous situations. Her consistent damage output makes her a reliable mid laner.


Ekko excels in skirmishes and team fights with his burst damage and ultimate, Chronobreak, which allows for strategic repositioning and healing.


Galio’s crowd control and tankiness make him a strong frontline mage. His ultimate, Hero’s Entrance, provides global pressure and can turn fights around.

ADC Tier List

ADC champions are the primary source of sustained damage in a team, often responsible for taking down objectives and enemies alike. The best ADC champions for 2024 are highlighted below:

S-Tier ADCs


Jhin’s high burst damage and long-range ultimate make him a top-tier ADC. His ability to control fights from a distance is a significant advantage.


Kai’Sa’s versatility in item builds and her high mobility make her a strong pick. Her ability to dive into the backline and deal substantial damage is unmatched.


Ezreal’s poke and mobility allow him to stay safe while dealing consistent damage. His ability to kite and reposition makes him a reliable choice.

A-Tier ADCs

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune excels in team fights with her ultimate, Bullet Time, which can deal massive area-of-effect damage. Her laning phase is also strong, with consistent poke.


Sivir’s wave-clear and utility with her ultimate, On The Hunt, provide strong team-fight presence and map control. Her spell shield adds survivability in dangerous situations.


Ashe’s crowd control and vision utility make her a valuable ADC. Her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, can initiate fights and pick off key targets.

Support Tier List

Support champions are essential for protecting carries, providing crowd control, and ensuring vision control on the map. The top support champions for 2024 are as follows:

S-Tier Supports


Blitzcrank’s grab can catch enemies off guard and secure kills. His ability to disrupt and peel for carries is invaluable.


Leona’s crowd control and tankiness make her a top-tier support. Her ability to engage and lock down enemies is crucial in team fights.


Thresh offers a unique blend of engage, disengage, and protection. His lantern can save allies, while his hook can initiate fights.

A-Tier Supports


Lulu’s utility and protection make her a strong support. Her polymorph and ultimate, Wild Growth, can turn the tide of fights.


Nami’s healing and crowd control provide significant lane presence. Her ultimate, Tidal Wave, can disrupt entire teams and set up plays.


Seraphine’s crowd control and healing make her a versatile support. Her ultimate, Encore, can engage multiple enemies and create favorable team-fight scenarios.


Choosing the right champions from the tier list is essential for success in League of Legends. Players should experiment with top-tier picks and adapt to the evolving meta to stay competitive. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each champion, players can maximize their impact in every match. Keep an eye on updates and changes to the tier list to ensure you are always making the best choices for your team.


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