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For the past decade League of Legends has been the most popular game in the world. It is extremely complex and hard to learn for new players. But. there are certain tools to make it easier and help you climb the ladder faster. The most popular way of improving your gameplay instantly is with League of Legends scripting.

Many people don’t even know that such tools exist, let alone be able to spot a scripter. We wrote this guide to help you further understand what is scripting in League, and how it can benefit you.

What is LoL Scripting?

When looking at League of Legends as a video game itself, there is no obvious way you could cheat. In first-person shooter games, such as Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, it would be blatantly obvious if someone uses wallhack or even aimbot. It wouldn’t take a lot of time for you to spot a cheater and call him out. Well, in League that had to be taken a step further.

LoL Scripting enhances your abilities with the help of perfect AI. With the press of a button, it will help you have perfect kiting, orbwalking, or combos. The script constantly evaluates the game and makes real-time decisions based on certain parameters. For example, when fighting with an enemy champion, it will calculate whether you can kill him or not. It will take into consideration the amount of health they have, as well as their defensive stats, and then compare it to the maximum damage you can output.

Who uses LoL scripts?

Just like in any game, whoever wants to cheat can do so. Although, in League of Legends, casual players are less likely to script. Instead, it’s primarily used by boosters and people looking to rank up the accounts as fast as possible. Having scripts is the most reliant way of securing wins in League.

Now that we explained the basic form of scripting, it’s time to explain different types of scripts. It has to be noted though some types are more expensive than the others. Usually, the more features a script has and the safer it is it costs more.

Utility Scripts

The most common scripts on the market are Utility scripts. They are primarily used by attack damage carries such as Twitch, Kog’Maw, Jinx, and Kalista. It allows them to orbwalk or kite perfectly. Meaning, they’re always going to deal the maximum amount of damage in that specific scenario. It is something no human can do. On top of that, you are not going to be able to hit them. This is due to an “Evade” feature of the script. Whenever an enemy champion fires a skillshot at you, your champion will automatically dodge it.

Now you see why it’s not a surprise that the majority of this script’s users are squishy champions that deal a lot of damage. You are practically unable to hit them while they’re slaughtering your whole team. Once they’re combined with enchanters like Lulu or Yuumi, it’s next to impossible to win a game against them.

Furthermore, mages like Xerath, Cassiopeia, and Karthus love this type of script. In the past, they were the faces of League of Legends scripting. The script allows them to hit every single skill they throw at enemies. Some of the things it takes into account are enemies’ movement speed, their hitbox, spell range, and spell speed. It’s popularly used with Evade making them unkillable. Can you imagine Xerath firing his Q’s perfectly and never dying? You don’t have to anymore. You can purchase our script and try it yourself.

Champions Scripts

While Utility Script gives you more access to general features of scripting in LoL, Champions ones are developed specifically for certain champions. They make pro players and famous one-trick ponies look silly in comparison. Bots used to make these scripts are so advanced you will rarely lose a game, if ever.

For example, Fiora is one of the most mechanically intensive champions in the game. Only several individuals ever manage to play her at above 98% efficiency, with most pro players not getting anywhere near that. Script for her would allow you to be one of a kind Fiora player. You would never miss your Parry on a crucial enemy spell. Secondly, your combos would be strikingly fast leaving enemies no room to counter.

If that’s not enough for you, how about a Draven that never losses his axes? They’re a huge part of his kit which affect his damage greatly. With the script you will be able to pick up your axes while dodging enemy spells in the meantime.

Awareness Scripts

Lastly, we have Awareness Scripts. They’re less fancy than the previous two in a way that they don’t interact with champions themselves. Instead, they present data to the user that would otherwise not be obtainable. Tracking enemy spell timers, showing the location of wards, displaying the range of enemies’ champions, or even removing the fog of war are just some of the features this script has.

Difference between Internal, RPM, and External

The current scripts on the market differentiate based on the way they interact with the League of Legends client itself. Following that, they also have different features. But most importantly, they vary a lot by their ban rates. It is no secret that Riot dislikes scripting and cheating. Scripters are often banned very quickly, making a huge demand for new accounts.

1. Internal LoL Script

Price: about 150€ – 500€ per month
Banrate: High

In this method, all of the data is read from the League of Legends process/memory. When the collected data is processed, the actions in the game are done by sending network packets to the server. This is a classic example of spacebar-to-win that was very often seen in the previous years. As an example, you can minimize the LoL window, but you will still dodge all enemy abilities ingame. Nowadays they’re less popular because of the very high ban rates.

2. RPM LoL Script

Price: about 50€ – 100€ per month
Banrate: High

Similarly, to the Internal LoL script, RPM ones also read all of the data from the League of Legends process/memory. Then, the script processes all of the data and prepares it to use. Following that, the actions are emulated via mouse and keyboard, unlike the previously mentioned spacebar-to-win scenario.

3. Fully External LoL Script

Price: about 30€ per month
Banrate: 0%

External League of Legends scripts behave completely different compared to their predecessors. They obtain the data via a screenshot of the screen. This way the script doesn’t interact with processor memory in any way, neither to read nor write. That is crucial for keeping the ban rate at 0%. The script evaluates the pixels from the screenshot it took and then emulates the actions with the mouse and keyboard. If you want to keep your account safe, this is the script you should go for. On the other hand, it comes with few limitations. Not all of the features are possible with it. Notably, Evade, Dodge, or Last hit are not available with this type of LoL script.

Most known script features

1. Evade

The most popular feature of any script. It allows you to dodge all of the enemies’ skillshots no matter how good your enemies are. On the other hand, it’s very easy to detect it. The champion starts moving as soon as abilities are cast, which surpasses standard human reaction time and gives the script away.

2. Kiting / Orbwalking

Kiting and orbwalking are the 2 most important things when playing ad carry. The script allows you to do it perfectly without wasting any frames. It will make you better than ad carries like Doublelift or Uzi themselves. This script is generally combined with the evade script making it very hard for anyone to catch you.

3. Combo Scripts

These scripts perform champions combos automatically for you. For example, it will perform Riven’s combo flawlessly.

Here is how it would look like: AA->Q->AA->Q->AA->Q->AA->E->W

4. Map Zoom

In League, you’re limited to the amount of information you can gather by the ones that are on your screen. Map zoon will allow you to zoom out further and see further away.

5. Vision range increase

The vision range increase script allows you to exceed your normal vision range so you can look farther away. It’s especially good when combined with Map Zoom.

6. Cooldown Tracker

Pretty self-explanatory, Cooldown Tracker tracks enemy ability cooldowns and shows it on your screen.

7. Spell drawing

By showing the range and the hitbox of the spells it will help you capitalize on enemies’ mistakes more often.

8. Skin changer

It gives you the ability to change the skin of your champion in-game.

9. Range indicator

It shows the range of spells, towers, and neutral objectives.

10. Target selector

This script allows you to select which champions you want to prioritize in the fights. Wanted champions can be selected through filters such as by their distance from you, their HP, and more.

11. Auto Lasthit

Farming is a crucial part of League of Legends. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to get gold and buy items. The script will automatically last hit for you making sure you don’t miss out on any of that precious gold.

12. Prediction

It predicts enemy movements and helps you land all of your skillshots.

13. Auto Laneclear

When looking to roam you have to shove your lane. Well, Auto Laneclear does it for you. It will perform a set of actions and make sure there are no minions left before you set on hunting unsuspecting enemies.

14. Jungle clear

This script clears the jungle for you.

15. Stream proof

If you wanted to stream while scripting now you can. Recording software will not pick it up and your viewers will never find out.

Exploits in League of Legends

These are just some of the types of exploits in League. There are many more such as Sion being able to run in circles around the map while using his ultimate, or Xerath hitting everyone on the map while standing in the base. Furthermore, there are also scripts that will crash the game itself. While there is no more DDOSing the games like back in Season 3, nowadays scripters often crash Champion Select. By doing so they don’t lose any LP and they basically get a free dodge for themselves.

Keeping League of Legends safe is Riot’s priority and they even change the code itself just to deal with some scripts. And it can be said they’re doing a pretty good job. An average, or even above average player is not even aware that there is a way to cheat in League.


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