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What Makes Mobile Legends Game Most Famous Today

Darkmoon Realm, War Robots, League of Angels, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are only a few of the famous online games that gamers love nowadays. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or most commonly known as ML or MLBB is a multiplayer action role – online battle arena. This interesting game is developed by Montoon and is supplementary to Bytedance. If you want to play this game with your colleagues, you can use either an Android or iPhone.

ML or MLBB uses artificial intelligence to provide a series of competitive challenges. That makes this game interesting for online gamers and makes them want to come back for the next battles. Aside from the enjoyment that you can get in playing ML, this is also a free-to-play mobile game. Keep reading and learn more about why most gamers choose ML among the many other games.

It’s fun and enjoyable to play

Live and pre-recorded gaming videos on social media have a powerful effect on attracting you to play. Especially when the video begins with energetic and lively sounds and effects. Through the use of a custom gaming intro maker online, these intros can make the videos come to life. It makes the audience feel the high spirit just as if they are actually playing the game. Admit it, the intros make you want to stay, watch for more, and experience the game.

Another reason why gamers find it fun and enjoyable to play Mobile Legends is that it has epic hero characters that are interesting for gamers of all ages and genders. In this game portal, there are more than 100 heroes to pick from. Their abilities to attack differ significantly, so they each have a unique advantage. They also possess different armors and magic resistance that will help them survive the war in the game.

One of these heroes is Alice who is also known as the Queen of the Apocalypse. She is a Mage hero in the game Mobile Legend with a powerful character. She is capable to deliver a long-range skill using the glowing wand that can definitely be a good attack. And her AoE or area of effect skill can take all the life out of enemies. The more enemies she defeated in the area are giving her more HP to regain.

Lastly, it makes the player develop its competitive skills. This game requires the player to master both macro and micro controls to defeat other players. Mastering both these maps can create a great gamer. Unlike mastering only one map, they can easily get defeated because there are other players who play too well on one map.

It’s fun and enjoyable to play

If you’re a newbie gamer or a player of other games and you’ve been enticed with what you’ve read above, you may want to try this game. Below are a few tips that you should take with you as a beginner in Mobile Legend. Especially if you get used to playing using your high-end quality laptop or desktop, you will need to adjust yourself as this game is simplified for mobile use.

  1. Emblems can help you perform better in the game
    Are you also playing the game Pokemon Unite? They have the held items which are also similar to ML and this is called Emblems. These emblems must be assigned to your chosen hero and must be customized before you get into the battle. There is a total of nine types of Emblems that can be upgraded to level 60.

  2. Level up and go to the next battle
    Just as with the other games, you will need to level up before you proceed to the next battle. In Mobile Legends, there are two most popular spells and these are Flameshot and Flicker at levels 17 and 19. Flicker spell is a critical level in terms of players who are mostly chasing and running. And at the 23rd level, there is the last Battle Spell, Vengeance. And for you to level up quickly, keep in mind that the items are designed to be used to double the experience points.

  3. The two large monsters in the game
    In playing Mobile Legends, you will meet the two largest monsters which are turtle and lord. The turtle appears after three minutes and leaves the game after seven minutes. When you get to kill the turtle, you will be granted a turtle buff. While the other monster is the lord. Unlike the turtle, the lord appears after nine minutes within the game period. It is the strongest and hardest monster to beat. But if you get to kill the lord, then it will help you attack the base of the opponent.

  4. Know your role
    Before you even get into the battle, you must know your role and how to play it. There are six roles in Mobile Legends.

    1. Mages are usually portraying their roles in the Middle lane, wherein they are able to help the top and bottom lanes easily.
    2. Marksman is the best carrier of equipment that makes them take the Gold lane.
    3. Fighters will take the EXP Lane which will give them more experience in playing in this game portal.
    4. Assassins are placed in the jungle which is in any area of the map aside from the lanes.
    5. Tanks and supports can go about the map so they can be helpful to their teammates in the battle.

  5. Defeat the enemy’s equipment
    In every match, you can check every player’s equipment. This is a good pointer for beginners to be able to defeat the enemy even at their first time playing.

  6. The power of combining every equipment
    Mobile Legends doesn’t have much equipment to offer. But great thing is that you can combine the different equipment to provide a greater offer.

  7. Make the best Use of the hero’s skills
    Before you get into the battle, you must know the skills and abilities that your chosen hero possesses. Some heroes possess particular skills that other heroes don’t. That makes it important to read them for you to know how to utilize those skills in the actual game.

It’s fun and enjoyable to play

Playing Mobile Legend is full of fun and excitement, most especially when you are one of the players that lead the team to victory. Make sure that you apply these 7 tips whether you are a beginner or not to help you achieve a successful game.


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