League of Legends Yuumi Prestige Skin

The magical cat Yuumi is about to join the prestigious group of champions with Prestige skins. Coming soon, players will be able to get their hands on the “Prestige Cyber Cat Yuumi” skin, which will be released alongside a new PvE event.

The release of this Prestige skin, coupled with a new PvE event, suggests that Riot Games is preparing something special for Yuumi fans and League players in general. Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far about this upcoming Prestige skin for Yuumi.

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How To Get The New Prestige Yuumi Skin

Obtaining this Prestige skin will require participation in the upcoming Anima Squad Pass 2024. To acquire the Prestige Yuumi skin, players will need to collect 2000 event tokens, just like the previous Event Passes. These tokens can be earned through playing games and completing event-specific missions. Each mission completed during the event will reward players with tokens.

The Anima Squad 2024 event will run for a limited time, so players should plan to engage regularly with the game to maximize their token earnings. Those who purchase the event pass will be able to unlock the Cyber Cat Yuumi alongside some cool rewards. Once players have collected the required 2000 tokens, they can exchange them for the Prestige Cyber Cat Yuumi skin in the event shop. 

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Prestige Cyber Cat Yuumi Release Date

The Yuumi Prestige skin is set to hit the Rift on July 17th. This release is part of a larger skin drop that’s sure to excite players across the board. Along with Yuumi’s Prestige skin, Riot Games is launching a total of 13 new skins on the same day. This massive update will give players plenty of fresh options to customize their favorite champions.

Another highlight of this release is the introduction of a Prestige skin for Leona. The Radiant Dawn will be joining Yuumi in receiving a prestigious new look, giving support mains two fantastic options to choose from.

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The arrival of Prestige Cyber Cat Yuumi marks an exciting milestone for League of Legends players, especially Yuumi enthusiasts. With its release on July 17th alongside 12 other new skins, including Prestige Leona, the game is set for a refreshing visual update. Players can look forward to participating in the Anima Squad 2024 event to earn the 2000 tokens needed for this exclusive skin. 

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