The Difference Between All Types of LoL Wards

Wards are super important tools that help you see what’s happening on the map. Did you know there are several types of LoL wards you can use? Some wards can be bought by any champion, while others are special and can only be used by certain champions. Understanding these different wards can really help you in your games. In this article, we’ll look at all the types of wards in LoL, including the ones you can buy and the unique ones that belong to specific champions. 

Scarecrow Effigy

The Scarecrow Effigy is a unique ward that only Fiddlesticks can use. It’s not just a regular ward – it’s a tricky tool that can fool your enemies! When you use this ward, you place a fake Fiddlesticks at a spot you choose. This fake Fiddlesticks looks exactly like the real one when it’s standing still. It also lights up the area around it, just like other LoL wards.

The fun part is what happens when enemy champions get close to it. The fake Fiddlesticks will do a random action like it’s the real Fiddlesticks about to attack! This can really scare your enemies or make them waste their abilities. 

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Stealth Ward

Stealth wards are a common type of ward that any champion can buy and use. When you place a stealth ward, it becomes invisible to enemy champions after a very short delay. These wards give vision of the surrounding area, helping you spot enemies and keep track of what’s happening on the map.

Stealth wards last for a while but can be destroyed if an enemy finds them. They’re great for watching important areas like objectives or entrances to your jungle. Using stealth wards wisely can help your team avoid surprises and make better decisions during the game.

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Oracle Lens

Oracle Lens is a special tool that helps you find and remove enemy wards. It’s really useful for keeping the map clear of enemy vision. Here’s how it works:

When you use Oracle Lens, it creates a Sweeper Drone. This drone moves around you, looking for hidden things nearby. It has two important jobs:

  1. It gives you a cloudy view of enemy champions that are normally hidden. This can help you spot sneaky opponents.
  2. It reveals stealth wards and traps. When it finds a ward, it also disables it for a short time. Even after the drone moves away, the ward stays disabled for 2 more seconds.

The cool thing about Oracle Lens is that it has two charges. This means you can use it twice before waiting for it to recharge. Having two charges gives you more chances to clear out enemy vision or check different areas without having to wait.

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Farsight Alteration

Farsight Alteration is a special trinket that allows you to place wards from a safe distance. It’s perfect for checking dangerous areas without putting yourself at risk. The Farsight Ward it creates is unique in several ways. It lasts forever, unlike other wards that disappear after a while. However, it has a smaller vision range than regular wards, covering only 500 units instead of the usual 900. It’s also more fragile, with just 1 health point, making it easier for enemies to destroy.

When you place a Farsight Ward, enemies will see a quick flash where you put it, even through the fog of war. However, it won’t show up on their minimap. Interestingly, your allies can’t target this ward with their abilities, and it doesn’t count towards your ward limit, so you can place as many as you want.


Understanding the different types of wards in League of Legends is key to improving your gameplay. From the common Stealth Ward to the unique Scarecrow Effigy, each ward serves a specific purpose in helping you control vision across the map. Oracle Lens helps you counter enemy vision, while Farsight Alteration allows for safe, long-distance warding. By mastering the use of these various ward types, you can greatly enhance your team’s map awareness, avoid ganks, and set up successful plays. 

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