LoL Upcoming Mythic Shop Prestige Skins

The next Mythic Shop rotation is just around the corner. On July 17th, when the new patch goes live, you’ll have a chance to grab some amazing LoL Prestige skins. This time, the shop is bringing back four fan-favorite Prestige skins that players have been eagerly waiting for. 

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Patch 14.14 Mythic Shop Rotation

The Patch 14.14 Mythic Shop Rotation is bringing some exciting LoL Prestige skins for League of Legends players. Starting July 17th, you’ll be able to get your hands on these four amazing skins:

  1. Prestige Firecracker Vayne – 200 Mythic Essence
  2. Prestige DRX Aatrox – 150 Mythic Essence
  3. Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna – 150 Mythic Essence
  4. Prestige Debonair Brand – 125 Mythic Essence

These skins will be available in the Mythic Shop from July 17th all the way to August 14th, giving you plenty of time to save up your Mythic Essence and choose your favorite.

But that’s not all! Mark your calendars for July 9th, because that’s when we’ll get to see the next Mythic Shop rotation for the rest of the year. This means you’ll be able to plan ahead and decide which Prestige skins you want to aim for in the coming months.

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How To Get Mythic Essence

Getting Mythic Essence in League of Legends isn’t too hard. There are plenty of ways to earn this special currency, and here are some of the best methods:

Buy LoL Passes

One of the easiest ways to get Mythic Essence is by purchasing LoL Passes. These passes often come with 125 Mythic Essence. Good news! We’re getting close to another pass on July 17th – the Anima Squad pass. If you buy this pass and earn 2000 Event tokens, you’ll be able to get 125 Mythic Essence. That’s a big chunk!

Level Up Your Account

As you play and level up, you can earn Mythic Essence as a reward. Once you reach level 150, you’ll start getting 10 Mythic Essence for every 50 levels you gain. So the more you play, the more you earn!

Open Masterwork Chests

Every time you open a Masterwork Chest, you have a small chance (about 3.5%) of getting 5 Mythic Essence. While this isn’t guaranteed, it’s still a possibility. If you open a lot of chests, those small amounts can add up over time.

Remember, earning Mythic Essence takes time, but with these methods, you’ll be on your way to getting those awesome Prestige skins in no time!

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To sum up, the upcoming Mythic Shop rotation brings exciting opportunities for League of Legends players. With four fantastic Prestige skins available from July 17th to August 14th, there’s something for everyone. Remember, you can earn Mythic Essence through LoL Passes, leveling up your account, and opening Masterwork Chests. So gear up, choose your favorite skin, and get ready to add some prestige to your champion collection!

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