LoL Swarm: Everything to Know About the New PvE Event

Finally, League of Legends is bringing back PvE events with the launch of LoL Swarm Mode. This game mode transports players into the world of Anima Squad, offering a fresh experience for LoL fans.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Swarm. We’ll explain the gameplay, available champions, special abilities, and how to play the mode effectively. Swarm will be available from July 17th to August 26th, giving players over a month to explore this new PvE offering.

LoL Swarm Gameplay

The new LoL Swarm mode brings a fresh style of gameplay to League of Legends. If you’ve played games like Vampire Survivors or Brotato, you’ll find Swarm feels familiar.

Here’s how it works, you start on a map where monsters come at you from all sides. Your job is simple: kill these monsters and stay alive. At first, the game might seem slow and a bit dull. But don’t worry – it doesn’t stay that way for long.

As you keep playing, things get more exciting and challenging. More monsters show up, and they get tougher to beat. The action picks up, and you’ll need to think fast and move quickly to survive. The longer you last, the more intense the game becomes. You’ll find yourself dodging attacks, picking up power-ups, and fighting off waves of enemies. It’s a test of how long you can hold out against the growing swarm of monsters.

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LoL Swarm Characters & Controls

In LoL Swarm, you’ll get to play with 9 different characters. These are champions you might already know from the regular League of Legends game. Each character has their own unique way of playing, so you can try different styles.

When you first start, you’ll only have two characters to choose from: Jinx and Seraphine. But don’t worry! As you keep playing and finish missions, you’ll unlock more characters. This gives you something to work towards and keeps the game exciting as you try out new champions.

Moving around in LoL Swarm is easy. You’ll use the W, A, S, and D keys on your keyboard to move your character up, left, down, and right. To use your character’s special abilities, you’ll press the E and R keys. These abilities can help you fight off monsters or survive tough situations.

If you want to turn auto-aim on or off, just press the C key. This can be helpful depending on how you like to play. For aiming, you’ll use your mouse like usual. Point where you want to attack, and your character will follow your lead.

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LoL Swarm XP & Monsters

In LoL Swarm, you strengthen your character by collecting XP. You get XP by beating enemies. The more XP you get, the more levels you gain. With each level, you earn new abilities or upgrade existing ones. If you’re playing with a friend, don’t worry about sharing XP. Both of you level up at the same time, so there’s no need to compete for experience.

You can upgrade each weapon up to level 5. But if you get stat upgrades that match your weapon, you can push it to level 6. As you play, you’ll also earn gold. After the match, you can spend this gold in an ” Upgrades ” shop. Here, you can buy power-ups, extra health, more damage, and other helpful items.

There are three types of monsters you’ll face in LoL Swarm:

  1. Small Monsters: These are the most common. There are lots of them, and killing them gives you XP.
  2. Mini-Bosses: These are tougher than small monsters and deal more damage. When you beat a mini-boss, you get to upgrade your stats or your weapon.
  3. Final Boss: This is the big challenge. If you can beat the final boss, you win the game! But it’s not easy. The final boss only shows up after you’ve been playing for 15 minutes.

Remember, as the game goes on, more and more monsters will appear, making the game harder. Your goal is to survive and get strong enough to beat that final boss!

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LoL Swarm Maps

LoL Swarm Mode has four different maps for you to play on. Each map has its own final boss, special tools, and helpful characters. For example:

  1. First Map: On this map, Yuumi is there to help you. She provides healing to keep you in the fight longer.
  2. Last Map: This map features two helpers: Aurora (the newest League champion) and Miss Fortune. They fight alongside you, making it easier to take on tough enemies.

Each map has a final boss with a different fighting style. The toughest boss is Aatrox, so be prepared for a real challenge when you face him!

Once you’ve beaten all four maps, you unlock some exciting new options:

  1. Harder Difficulty: You can play through all the maps again, but this time they’re much tougher. It’s a great way to test your skills once you’ve mastered the basics.
  2. Matchmaking: This lets you play with random players on random maps. It’s a fun way to team up with new people and face unexpected challenges.

Remember, each map offers a unique experience, so try them all to find your favorite!


LoL Swarm brings an exciting new PvE experience to League of Legends fans. With its unique gameplay, diverse champions, and challenging maps, it offers a fresh way to enjoy the game. From July 17th to August 26th, players can dive into this action-packed mode, master different characters, and conquer increasingly difficult challenges. So gear up, choose your champion, and see how long you can survive against the relentless swarm!

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