LoL Aurora: Abilities, Release Date, Upcoming Skin

There’s a new champion coming to Summoner’sRift, and her name is Aurora. She’s the latest Champion to join the LoL family, bringing some cool magic and exciting new abilities with her. Let’s take a look at Aurora’s abilities, when you can expect to play her, and even get a sneak peek at her upcoming skin. 

LoL Aurora Abilities Breakdown

Aurora, the newest champion in League of Legends, brings a fresh set of magical abilities to the game. As players, it’s important to understand what she can do on the battlefield. In this breakdown, we’ll take a closer look at each of Aurora’s abilities. Knowing how her powers work will help you play as Aurora or face her as an opponent.

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Aurora’s Passive gives her a special edge in fights. When she hits an enemy three times in a row with her basic attacks or abilities, the third hit deals extra damage and she collects a soul from them. These souls are valuable, as they heal Aurora and make her move faster for a short time. This passive is similar to what champions like Akshan and Gnar can do, rewarding Aurora for landing multiple hits on her targets. It’s a clever way to help her stay healthy in fights and either chase down enemies or escape dangerous situations.

Aurora – Q

Aurora’s Q ability is a unique double-cast skill that packs quite a punch. The first cast sends out a skill shot that damages and marks any enemies in its path. But that’s not all – Aurora can then activate the ability again for a second cast. This time, the skill returns to her, dealing damage to the originally marked targets and any new enemies in its path back to Aurora. It’s a bit like Ahri’s Q, offering both offensive power and clever positioning opportunities. 

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Aurora – W

Aurora’s W ability, which opens a gate to the soul world, gives her a sneaky advantage in fights. When activated, it makes Aurora invisible for a short time, similar to Shaco’s Q ability. Along with the invisibility, Aurora performs a small dash, which is just enough to help her slip through walls. This combination of stealth and mobility makes W great for surprise attacks, escapes, or clever map movements. But what really sets this ability apart is its cooldown mechanic. After each kill or assist Aurora gets, the cooldown on W refreshes completely. This means in team fights, Aurora can potentially use her W multiple times, disappearing and reappearing to cause chaos among enemy ranks. 

Aurora – E

Aurora’s E ability is a versatile skill that combines damage and mobility. When cast, it sends out a damaging attack in a straight line, hurting any enemies caught in its path. Immediately after unleashing this attack, Aurora jumps backward. This backward leap is significant enough to carry her through walls, adding a layer of strategic movement to the ability. The dual nature of Aurora’s E makes it a flexible tool in her kit. Players can use it offensively to deal damage while creating distance from melee enemies, or defensively to escape over walls and evade danger. 

Aurora – R

Aurora’s ultimate ability, her R, is a powerful and complex skill that can change the course of a fight. When activated, Aurora leaps forward (even over walls) and casts an ability that damages enemies. But that’s just the beginning. The R also creates a special area, similar to Camille’s or Mordekaiser’s ultimates, that locks enemies inside. Within this area, Aurora gains increased movement speed, giving her an edge in combat. 

The real trick comes when enemies try to escape – if they touch the edges of this area, they take magic damage and are automatically pulled back to the center. This ultimate combines damage, mobility, crowd control, and area denial, making it a versatile tool for Aurora. 

LoL Aurora Release Date

The wait for Aurora, the newest champion, is almost over. Riot Games has announced that Aurora will be joining the Summoner’s Rift on July 17th. But that’s not all! Aurora’s release is part of a bigger event. On the same day, July 17th, Riot is launching a new PvE event. This means you’ll have a chance to enjoy a different kind of gameplay alongside the regular matches. For those who love collecting skins, there’s even more to look forward to. The release date will also see the arrival of new Prestige skins for Yuumi & Leona.

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Aurora Upcoming Skin

As with every new champion release in League of Legends, Aurora is getting her very own skin right from the start. Riot Games has announced that the skin launching alongside Aurora is called “Anima Squad Aurora.”

This new skin is extra special because it’s tied to the new PvE event that’s starting on the same day as Aurora’s release. The Anima Squad theme is known for its futuristic, anime-inspired look, so we can expect Aurora to have a cool, high-tech makeover with this skin.


Aurora is set to make a big splash in League of Legends with her unique set of abilities and playstyle. From her soul-collecting passive to her game-changing ultimate, she offers players new strategies and exciting gameplay opportunities. With her release on July 17th alongside the new PvE event and her Anima Squad skin, there’s a lot for LoL fans to look forward to. 

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