Boosting in League of Legends. Can It Actually Help You Get Better?

League, along with most multiplayer titles, is competitive. Really competitive. And that means you want to see yourself ranking up to play with the best of the best. A surefire way to do this has always been through boosting—a service where another player takes control of your account to push you up the ranks. While boosting will certainly get you higher, can it actually help you get better at League? Let’s take a look.

The Allure of Boosting

It’s easy to see why boosting is so popular. It fixes a number of problems very easily.

  1. Speedy climbing. Boosting will be done by a very skilled player. Allowing you to rise up the ranks incredibly fast. We’re talking hours or days instead of months or even years. It’s hard to miss this appeal.
  2. Avoiding frustration. Let’s be honest, grinding for ranks is not that enjoyable. There can be tonnes of frustration involved in feeling stuck in your elo. Boosting gets rid of that, placing the stress onto someone else.
  3. Playing with the best. When you finally reach the higher ranks, you’ll be playing with top tier players, so there’s a good chance that they’ll have a lot to teach you about playing well.

With all this in mind, you may already be ready to buy LoL Elo boosting. And while that’s certainly the easiest way to see whether boosting is right for you, we can also consider the process from a few other angles to understand whether it can actually help you improve.

The Pitfalls of Boosting

So, boosting is alluring for plenty of reasons. It gets you where you want to go, fast. But there are also some drawbacks. So let’s take a look at those.

  1. You don’t gain skill through boosting. It goes without saying that not playing league will not help you improve at league. That’s a no brainer. So getting someone else to push you up the ranks won’t actually make you a better player. Of course, playing in the higher ranks after boosting might. But that’s a maybe.
  2. You could get banned entirely. Like most games, Riot do not allow boosting in their terms of service. So if they find out that you’ve been boosting you risk penalization up to the point of permanent bans. That’s a biggie. Seeing as you’ll not only lose the progress of the boosting, but you’ll also lose everything related to your account. Good boosting usually won’t result in bans, but you can never be certain.
  3. It’s not fun for other players. The whole point of ranks and matchmaking algorithms is to match players of similar skill levels. This creates the most enjoyable lobbies to play within. A win is always possible, but it’s always at least a bit of a challenge. If you’re in a low rank and your account suddenly gets played by a top-tier player, it frankly ruins the games for everyone else in those lobbies. You must have played with smurfs before. Not fun.
  4. You might just drop back down. Just because you’ve been pushed up the ranks, doesn’t mean you’ll stay there. Unless you’re as good as the other players in those ranks, you’re unlikely to stay up. And if you drop back down, you won’t be in a much better position than you were before boosting.
  5. It’s not always safe. Lastly, account safety can sometimes be an issue with some boosting services. A lot of the better services will provide safety guarantees, but that often comes at a price. And, after all, giving other people access to your account is always a security risk.

Alternatives to Boosting

If you’re wanting to rise up the ranks without boosting, there are a few things you can consider doing.

Firstly, simply practice when you play the game. I’m talking about analysing your performance, trying new strategies and more. Not simply playing, but playing with the intention to improve. You’d be surprised how much of a difference that simple mind-set change can make.

Second, watch educational content to get the tips and tricks from the pros. Plenty of esports players and coaches make content which is available for free online. Getting to know the high level strategies will make a huge difference.

Third, find a coach or community. If you’re wanting to improve, it’s definitely easiest to do so with others. Whether that be working with players of your level or a coach to help you improve. Getting together will always result in faster gains.


Ultimately, boosting is always an option. But whether it’s the right option to achieve long-term improvement at League is seriously up for debate. After all, you’ll only ever stay in the rank best suited to your actual performance level. So long-term improvement is about improving your play, tactics and teamwork. That can occasionally come from boosting up to play with the pros, but it more reliably comes from putting in the hours to train.


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