Best Supports for Kai’Sa (2024)

Kai’Sa is considered one of the best AD carries in League of Legends, known for her versatility and powerful late-game potential. But even the strongest marksman needs the right support to truly shine in the bot lane. Certain support champions have emerged as Kai’Sa’s ideal partners, helping her dominate matches and climb the ranks.

According to recent win rates, the top three supports that synergize exceptionally well with Kai’Sa are: 

  1. Skarner
  2. Rell
  3. Janna 

These champions have proven their worth by empowering Kai’Sa’s abilities, providing crucial protection, and setting up game-changing plays.

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Skarner, the Primordial Sovereign

After Skarner’s rework, he became a powerhouse in both the jungle and support roles, excelling at empowering allies, stunning enemies, and dealing significant damage. He’s considered the best support with Kai’Sa right now, this duo boasts an impressive 53.76% win rate. Skarner’s Threads of Vibration passive applies Quaking to enemies with his attacks and abilities, dealing magic damage based on the target’s max health when fully stacked. 

This synergizes perfectly with Kai’Sa’s burst damage potential. Using his Ixtal’s Impact ability, Skarner can charge forward through the terrain, slamming enemy champions into walls to stun and damage them. This creates prime opportunities for Kai’Sa to follow up.

Perhaps most importantly, Skarner’s ultimate ability, Impale, allows him to suppress and drag enemy champions around. This powerful crowd control effect can pull opponents right into Kai’Sa’s range, setting her up for easy kills. The combination of Skarner’s crowd control and Kai’Sa’s high damage output makes them a formidable force in the bot lane and team fights. 

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Rell, the Iron Maiden

Rell has proven to be an outstanding support for Kai’Sa, securing a strong 53.15% win rate. Her kit complements Kai’Sa’s playstyle perfectly, creating opportunities for insane combos. Rell’s Shattering Strike ability allows her to deal magic damage to enemies in a line, breaking their shields and stunning them. This sets up ideal situations for Kai’Sa to follow up with her abilities and auto-attacks. 

The Full Tilt ability is particularly valuable for the duo, as it grants both Rell and Kai’Sa increased movement speed, especially when moving toward enemies or each other. This mobility boost helps Kai’Sa position aggressively for trades or chase down fleeing opponents. Additionally, the explosive attack at the end of Full Tilt adds extra burst damage to their combined assault. 

Perhaps most impressively, Rell’s ultimate ability, Magnet Storm, can turn the tide of a team fight. By pulling nearby enemies towards herself and continually dragging them in, Rell creates the perfect environment for Kai’Sa to unleash her full damage potential. 

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Janna, the Storm’s Fury

Janna rounds out our list of best supports for Kai’Sa, with the pair achieving an impressive 53.01% win rate. This enchanter support brings a mix of utility and protection that perfectly complements Kai’Sa’s aggressive playstyle. Janna’s Howling Gale ability creates a powerful storm that can knock away enemies, providing both peel for Kai’Sa and setting up opportunities for her to engage safely. 

The ability to charge up this storm allows for flexible use in various situations, from disengaging unfavorable fights to initiating advantageous ones. Janna’s passive, Tailwind, grants movement speed to allies moving towards her, including Kai’Sa. This extra mobility helps Kai’Sa position more aggressively in lane and chase down enemies in skirmishes. Additionally, the bonus magic damage Janna deals from this passive adds to their overall lane pressure. 

Perhaps Janna’s most impactful ability when paired with Kai’Sa is her ultimate, Monsoon. This powerful spell can instantly disengage enemies threatening Kai’Sa, while also providing healing to keep her in the fight. The combination of Janna’s protective abilities and Kai’Sa’s high damage output creates a duo that excels in both aggressive plays and defensive situations, making them a formidable force in the bot lane.


In conclusion, Kai’Sa’s synergy with Skarner, Rell, and Janna showcases the importance of choosing the right support in League of Legends. These pairings offer a perfect balance of crowd control, protection, and damage amplification that allows Kai’Sa to excel in various situations. By understanding and leveraging these powerful duos, players can significantly improve their chances of dominating the bot lane and carrying games. As the meta evolves, these combinations prove that the right support can elevate an already strong AD carry to new heights of effectiveness.

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