Best Supports for Caitlyn (2024)

Caitlyn is a unique marksman in League of Legends. What makes her special? She has one of the longest attack ranges in the game! This means she can hit enemies from far away. But even with this advantage, Caitlyn still needs good support by her side to make her even stronger. The best supports for Caitlyn are:

  1. Tahm Kench
  2. Bard
  3. Poppy

These champions can help Caitlyn use her abilities better and become a real threat on the battlefield. 

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Tahm Kench, the River King

Tahm Kench is the best support for Caitlyn because his abilities help keep her safe and give her more chances to attack. His passive, An Acquired Taste, makes Tahm Kench hit harder as the game goes on. This extra damage helps scare enemies away from Caitlyn, giving her more space to shoot safely. 

Abyssal Dive is super useful for Caitlyn. Tahm Kench can jump to a spot and knock up enemies, setting up perfect shots for Caitlyn, especially for her traps or her ultimate ability. Perhaps the most important ability for protecting Caitlyn is Devour. If an enemy gets too close or Caitlyn is in danger, Tahm Kench can swallow her up and keep her safe for a few seconds. 

This gives Caitlyn time to reposition and get back to shooting from a safe distance. These abilities make Tahm Kench a strong protector for Caitlyn. He can keep her safe, help her move around, and create opportunities for her to deal damage. This combination allows Caitlyn to make the most of her long attack range without worrying too much about enemies getting close to her.

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Bard, the Wandering Caretaker

Bard is another excellent support choice for Caitlyn, offering unique ways to control the battlefield and set up opportunities for her to shine. His passive, Traveler’s Call, allows Bard to collect Chimes around the map, which empowers his Meeps to deal extra damage and slow enemies. This synergizes well with Caitlyn’s long-range attacks, making it harder for enemies to escape her bullets. 

Magical Journey is a game-changing ability that can create unexpected angles of attack for Caitlyn. By opening portals through the terrain, Bard can help Caitlyn reposition quickly or surprise enemies from unconventional directions, maximizing her ability to utilize her long attack range. Tempered Fate, Bard’s ultimate, is a powerful tool that can set up perfect moments for Caitlyn to unleash her full potential. 

By putting enemies in stasis, Bard gives Caitlyn time to set up her traps or line up her ultimate ability, Ace in the Hole. This combination of crowd control and positioning power makes Bard an invaluable ally for Caitlyn, allowing her to dominate team fights and secure objectives with greater ease.

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Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer

Poppy is the last champion on our best support for Caitlyn list, providing a mix of defensive capabilities and crowd control that complement Caitlyn’s long-range playstyle. Poppy’s Steadfast Presence is particularly valuable in protecting Caitlyn from aggressive enemies. The passive armor and magic resist boost help Poppy stay in the fight longer, while the active ability can shut down enemy attempts to dive or dash onto Caitlyn. 

This creates a safe zone for Caitlyn to operate in, allowing her to make full use of her superior range. Heroic Charge is an excellent tool for peeling threats away from Caitlyn or setting up kills. Poppy can push enemies into walls, stunning them and giving Caitlyn free reign to unleash her damage without fear of retaliation. This ability also synergizes well with Caitlyn’s traps, as a stunned enemy is an easy target for a well-placed Yordle Snap Trap. 

Keeper’s Verdict, Poppy’s ultimate, can dramatically change the course of a team fight in Caitlyn’s favor. By knocking away multiple enemies, Poppy can isolate targets for Caitlyn to focus on or create space for Caitlyn to reposition and continue dealing damage from afar. This powerful combination of protection and disruption makes Poppy an excellent choice to support Caitlyn, enhancing her ability to control fights and dish out consistent damage.


In conclusion, Tahm Kench, Bard, and Poppy stand out as exceptional support choices for Caitlyn in 2024. Each champion brings unique strengths that complement Caitlyn’s long-range playstyle. Tahm Kench offers unparalleled protection and positioning power, Bard provides innovative ways to control the battlefield and set up plays, while Poppy excels in creating a safe zone for Caitlyn to operate and disrupt enemy engages. By pairing Caitlyn with any of these supports, players can maximize her potential and dominate the bot lane. 

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