Top 9 Best Mage Champions In League of Legends Season 12

The mage class in season 12 has seen a great deal of change, most notably with the item shake-up. Giving mages much more diversity in their builds and playstyles. This has led to some very powerful champions rising to the top of the class. Here are the Top 9 best mage champions in league of legends season 12.

Mages tend to have a weak laning phase but this is balanced out with great scaling, CC abilities, and great AoE. These champions when played correctly can round out a whole team composition while providing reliable AP (ability power) throughout the game.

To make sure you make it past the hardest stages of the game for the mage class is to know your limits and matchups. Once mastered you can easily take control of your games with these Top 9 best mage champions in League of Legends.

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What are mages?

Mages are a unique class in League of Legends, and one that is often underestimated, because of how squishy they are. They tend to have a weak laning phase but scale really well into the game. Mages rely on their abilities to deal damage, and as such, are some of the most in-depth and hardest champions to pull off.

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Without any further introduction here are the Top 9 best mage champions in League of Legends Season 12 – Patch 12.6.

9. Viktor

The death cyborg Viktor is a ranged, late-game scaling carry. He has the ability to make anyone’s life a living hell. With his kit focused heavily on AoE – Viktor when ahead or reaching his full build will be devastating.

Viktors upgraded abilities like the “Death Ray” in the late game, does damage that should be illegal. The damage capabilities Viktor has is absurd but like all other mages, he hasn’t got much mobility and is squishy in the early stages of the game.

Viktor’s laning phase isn’t up to par with the rest of the list which is why he isn’t any higher. His wave clear isn’t the best either before any upgrades – so the chances to abuse a Viktor are endless. If you know what you’re doing however then the enemy is in for a world of pain, as it’s very hard to beat a Viktor that is ahead. With great damage, zoning, and AoE, Viktor almost has it all which makes him one of the top 9 best mages in season 12.

Runes and build:

8. Vex

The newest champion on this list, Vex is a mage that has seen a lot of play in the last few weeks. With her unique passive “Doom ‘n Gloom” which marks enemies that use any sort of dash – allowing her to interrupt and CC (crowd control) them with her next ability. As you could already tell this champion is a huge counter to the assassin’s class, causing grief for the opponents.

Not only is she a natural counter to the assassins but she’s also a solid mage. Gloomy Vex has it all from nice damage, good into meta picks, long-range abilities, great mobility, and can even snowball uncontrollably.

Despite all this, Vex isn’t perfect. She has flaws outside of her personality…

Vex is squishy with high mana costs which can be annoying at times. But the biggest flaw is that she is too reliant on her ultimate ability and passive – without them, she isn’t mobile nor can she CC people as easily as the other champions on this list. Don’t be disheartened by these small facts… if you love to pick people off as a mage with a more dive and assassin playstyle then Vex is the champion for you. Look out for when your “Shadow Surge” is down as you aren’t as strong without it.

Runes and build:

7. Annie

Annie may be a child but she’s able to beat all the big kids on the rift. She is a burst mage that can easily take down enemies with her abilities. Her passive “Pyromania” paired with her ultimate ability “Summon: Tibbers” make her a solid champion in the lane and a very potent champion in team fights.

Even though Annie is reliant on Flash to close the gap and stun-lock, burst enemies down with the rotation of her abilities. She could only do that every 5 minutes. But now with the new Predator, she isn’t as reliant on it, increasing the variety and unpredictability of Annie.

Annie is also one of if not the easiest champions to pick up that offers good laning, wave-clear, burst, and AoE. Although she doesn’t have everything – she offers the most with very little time to sink into the champion. The season changes are in Annie’s favor making her one of the top 9 mage champions in League of Legends 12.

Runes and build:

6. Zilean

Zilean the manipulator of time, is a Support Mage that can easily turn the tides of a team fight with his abilities. He is also a niche mid-pick which when played properly can bring some heavy disruption to a team composition by turning roams and ganks in his favor.

He is one of, if not the most obnoxious champions to play against in League of Legends. For many reasons including the burst, utility, and CC (Crowd Control) he brings to a team fight. On top of all that, his “Chronoshift” ultimate ability brings anyone back to life if they die in the duration it lasts. This makes Zilean super impactful as what he provides to a team is invaluable compared to what is found in other champions.

He also doesn’t take long to ramp up. When played with good macro he can impact the map constantly using his speed boosts to be everywhere on the map. And his bombs to push waves fast following enemy roams. It can feel impossible to keep tempo on a good Zilean player.

Runes and build:

5. Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia digs her fangs into any foe that dares stand in her way. With an early laning phase which isn’t as bad as the rest of the champions on this list. She doesn’t have to scale to be impactful in the game. Cassiopeia has the ability to clear waves easily with her twin snakes and can bully most champions in the lane if she hits her abilities – just watch your mana pool early. This isn’t the case for a majority of the mage picks. If you struggle being less dominant and a threat in lane as a mage, Cassiopeia is the perfect champion for you.

Cassiopeia does things that other mages tend to struggle with like farming in the early game and dishing out high DPS. She’s a very unique champion with good self-heal, high outplay potential, and a game-deciding ultimate. We’ve all seen a devastating Cassiopeia “Petrifying Gaze” stun an entire team dealing ridiculous amounts of damage as this also amplifies the rest of her kit.

You’d think she has it all, but she does lack mobility like most mages and is hard to pull off. But once mastered she is one of the best mages to play this season.

Runes and build:

4. Karthus

Karthus is a mage that has been around for a very long time, and for good reason. His kit is very simple, yet extremely powerful. His passive “Death Defied” allows him to kill beyond the grave, giving him 7 seconds during which he can dish out as much damage as possible before actually dying. He literally becomes death.

“Death is not the end of the journey, it is just the beginning…” – Karthus thrives when he dies. He’s able to win and carry team fights by having a good death.

The AP damage Karthus does is ridiculous, which would be enough to make him a top mage pick. But that isn’t all… his Requiem is global, which means he can easily turn the tide of any fight from anywhere on the map. Not only is it easy to play Karthus, but the press of a button can take down an entire team. If the enemy doesn’t respect Karthus enough to shell out their gold into a stasis item like Zhonyas. Then they’ll feel the wrath of his nuke ultimate.

He may be susceptible to assassins and ganks, but with good map awareness, Karthus can easily be one of the most impactful mages in the game this season.

Runes and build:

3. Anivia

Anivia takes flight, controlling the blizzard and blasting away all who stand in her way. She’s a Mage that excels in team fights and can one-shot anyone if she hits her abilities. Even in the early stages of the game, when mages tend to be weak, Anivia’s abilities hit like a truck.

This is because of Anivia’s “Frostbite” E ability which doubles in damage once an enemy is hit by a “Flash Frost” or “Glacial Storm”. In the early stages of the game, this damage omits a lot of pressure – especially for a mage pick. While in the late game this amplified damage can delete anyone on the map. If you’re against Anivia, watch out for her stuns… but it’s easier said than done.

When Anivia reaches level 6, she can push waves with her “Glacial Storm” ultimate ability. Keeping the enemy mid laner at bay preventing them from roaming or backing. If they decide to do otherwise they will lose an unfathomable amount of CS (creep score) which in most cases is not worth it for the enemy. Keeping the tempo up against Anivia is an almost impossible task to complete which is why Anivia shuts down a lot of the assassin picks.

Anivias is devastating in team fights with all her long-range abilities which deal tons of damage. Even if the damage isn’t dealt, the pure pressure and zone she can create with her abilities are more than enough.

One weakness Anivia has is the early game, as her health isn’t that high. Enemies could easily abuse this fact. But this comes with a catch… Anivia’s passive “Rebirth” makes it so the enemies will have to kill you twice! Sometimes the enemy would even die to creeps or greed and die to you when you revive in those really close fights early. Making her the strongest yet easiest and safest pick on this list.

Runes and build:

2. Veigar

Another Yordle makes it onto the list, and it’s none other than Veigar. He’s a force to be reckoned with. Veigar’s a burst mage that always does the damage to shock a whole team. He now one-shots earlier than ever with his “Primordial Burst”. Sometimes I wonder if Veigar should be on the assassin’s list. But don’t be fooled, he’s still a mage that can devastate a team if played right.

The season 12 changes have been perfect for Veigar. His Q cooldown decreased at all ranks and on top of all that he gets 1 extra AP (ability power) from his passive for killing large minions or large monsters. This makes it much easier to stack on Veigar and although 1 extra stack on his “Phenomenal Evil Power” passive seems like nothing – it stacks up much faster making him tap into his late-game powers much earlier than ever.

That isn’t all the Predator changes this season has made Viegar much more mobile than ever. Solving one of his biggest weaknesses in the previous seasons. With this rune, you can not only be in better positions faster but you can catch people off quicker, acting more like an assassin than a mage at times.

Veigar always finds himself in the thick of fights, using his AoE abilities to zone and deal massive amounts of damage. Often times single-handedly winning team fights. How many times in a fight has an unnoticed “Dark Matter” come flying down from the sky nuking anyone in the area?

The main reason why it’s so hard for Veigar to have no impact is because of his passive “Phenomenal Evil Power” increasing his ability power in stacks. As the game progresses the more AP Veigar gains – with an uncapped amount of true power still to be unlocked. Veigar is only tapping into a fraction of his power and yet he’s still a nightmare to play against.

Overall this season has been a blessing for Veigar, hitting all the right spots and solving one of his biggest weaknesses – mobility.

Build and runes:

1. Ahri

Ahri coming in at the number one spot for the best mage in the game is a no-brainer. She has everything a mage would need. Mobility, crowd control, damage, and survivability. She is able to slip out of the enemy’s grasp and zip around the map, making her difficult to catch. Especially since the changes to her ultimate “Spirit Rush” giving her resets on kills and assists which allows her to dash as freely as she wants.

Not only does this change add resets, but it also allows Ahri to the Spirit Rush differently. She’s able to use all 3 Spirit rushes to get deep in a team fight and still make it out.  What can’t Ahri do? She can assassinate squishes, set up kills with her Charm, and she’s also able to sit back and peel for the backline.

There seems to be a consistency between all the mages in our Top 9 Mage Champions in League of Legends list. All the ultimate abilities for the strongest mages are overturned. Ahri is no exception to this rule with the changes to her ultimate in patch 12.3.

Ahri’s fit for almost every occasion with very few weaknesses. Her main weakness is that her skill-shots aren’t as easy to hit compared to the other mages on this list. But with enough time and practice, anyone could dominate games with Ahri. Her versatility and strength are unmatched in the current meta, making her the best mage in League of Legends season 12.

Build and runes:


The mage class has seen some shake-ups the past few patches, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t kept in the loop for much longer. This is why you should check up with us often for any updates.

Now that you’re updated to the current patch 12.6 – abuse this knowledge to the best of your ability. The champions on this list are flexible and can be played in a number of ways to help you win games. Many of them are easy to incorporate into your existing champion pool, giving you the upper hand in champion selection more often.

If you aren’t confident yet, you can give these champions a spin using our botted accounts. We also offer undetected scripts if you need some extra help to style on the best players.

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