4 Best Supports for Jhin in LoL

Jhin is a strong marksman in League of Legends, but he needs the right partner to truly shine in the bot lane. Good support can help Jhin dominate the game and carry his team to victory. In this article, we’ll look at the 4 best supports to pair with Jhin:

1. Zyra

2. Maokai

3. Vel’Koz

4. Lulu

Let’s dive into why these champions work so well with Jhin and why they’re considered the best supports for Jhin.

Zyra, Rise of the Thorns

Zyra stands out as the best support for Jhin in the current meta. Her kit complements Jhin’s playstyle perfectly, creating a deadly duo in the bot lane. Zyra’s Rampant Growth ability allows her to constantly pressure the lane with plants. These seeds can be turned into aggressive plants that harass enemies and zone them away from farming. This constant threat aligns well with Jhin’s need for space to set up his shots, stuns, and other abilities.

Grasping Roots is a powerful tool for setting up Jhin’s skillshots. When Zyra lands a root, it gives Jhin the perfect opportunity to follow up with his Deadly Flourish or Dancing Grenade. The Vine Lashers that spawn from this ability also slow enemies, making it easier for Jhin to land his skill shots and auto attacks.

Zyra’s ultimate, Stranglethorns, is a game-changer in team fights. The knock-up effect can set up Jhin’s Curtain Call beautifully, allowing him to unleash his powerful ultimate without interruption. The area control provided by the thicket also gives Jhin the safety he needs to position himself optimally in fights.

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Maokai, the Twisted Treant

Maokai is another excellent support choice for Jhin, offering a mix of tankiness and crowd control that perfectly complements Jhin’s long-range damage output. Twisted Advance is a powerful engage tool that allows Maokai to lock down targets for Jhin. When Maokai roots an enemy with this ability, it creates a perfect opportunity for Jhin to follow up with his abilities or auto attacks. 

Bramble Smash provides additional crowd control and peels for Jhin. The knockback and slow effect can help keep enemies at bay, giving Jhin the space he needs to operate effectively. It’s also useful for interrupting enemy engages or creating distance in tight situations.

Nature’s Grasp, Maokai’s ultimate, is a game-changing ability that synergizes well with Jhin’s kit. The advancing wall of thorns can zone enemies or force them into unfavorable positions, setting up perfect scenarios for Jhin’s Curtain Call or Deadly Flourish. The root effect of this ability can also lock down multiple enemies, allowing Jhin to unleash his full damage potential.

Maokai’s tanky nature also provides a frontline presence that Jhin lacks, allowing the marksman to position more aggressively in team fights. The combination of Maokai’s crowd control and Jhin’s damage creates a versatile duo that can handle various situations, from lane dominance to late-game team fighting.

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Vel’Koz, the Eye of the Void

Vel’Koz brings a unique flavor to the support role that meshes surprisingly well with Jhin’s playstyle. This tentacled terror from the Void offers a mix of poke, zone control, and burst damage that can turn the bot lane into a nightmare for opponents.

Vel’Koz’s Plasma Fission is like a game of cosmic pool, with plasma bolts bouncing off minions and walls. This unpredictable poke pairs beautifully with Jhin’s methodical approach. While enemies dance to dodge Vel’Koz’s plasma, they’re setting themselves up for Jhin’s precise shots. 

Vel’Koz unleashes his Life Form Disintegration Ray, a searing beam of energy that carves through the battlefield. As enemies scramble to escape this cosmic light show, they’re perfect targets for Jhin’s Curtain Call. It’s a one-two punch of ultimate abilities that can melt health bars and turn team fights into a spectacular display of destruction.

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Lulu, the Fae Sorceress

Lulu is one of the best supports for Jhin due to her versatile kit that enhances his strengths and covers his weaknesses. Whimsy is a powerful ability that can either buff Jhin or disable an enemy. When used on Jhin, it grants him increased attack speed and movement speed, allowing him to position better and fire his shots more quickly. When used on an enemy, it prevents them from attacking or casting spells, giving Jhin a safe window to deal damage.

Help, Pix! provides Jhin with a shield for protection and extra damage on his attacks. This ability helps Jhin survive in team fights and increases his damage output. When used on enemies, it gives vision, which is useful for landing Jhin’s skill shots.

Wild Growth is particularly effective with Jhin. It gives him a large health boost and creates a slowing field around him, which helps him kite enemies and stay safe while dealing damage. The knock-up effect can also set up Jhin’s abilities or ultimate.

Overall, Lulu’s kit provides Jhin with protection, increased damage, and utility, making her a strong support choice for enhancing his performance in lane and team fights.


These four supports – Zyra, Maokai, Vel’Koz, and Lulu – each bring unique strengths to complement Jhin’s playstyle. From Zyra’s zone control and setup potential to Maokai’s tankiness and crowd control, Vel’Koz’s poke and burst damage, and Lulu’s protective buffs and utility, these champions provide Jhin with the tools he needs to excel in different situations. By pairing Jhin with one of these supports, players can maximize their potential and create a formidable bot lane duo capable of dominating games.

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